A misconception with homesteading is that it is about a simple life, it is much more than that. Homesteading is a variety leading to a lifestyle of self-sufficiency and connecting you profoundly to our natural world.

Homesteading in all can be a full-time job and involves skills that are slowly becoming forgotten as we as a society are encouraged to use fake convenience rather than real and practical. Homesteading is diverse and rewarding, transforming the way we currently live to a more meaningful healthy life and future.

We aim to encourage and provide examples and experiences of homesteading including our own projects on composting/worm farming, bee hives, seed collection, kitchen garden the list continues!

Where to start

Select one or two projects that you can start in the next month or so. For example, the most simple and effective way to lower your waste is to start composting. Composting removes up to 40% of our waste from landfill and it’s the perfect segway to worm farming.

You will need to research worm farming and it’s made so easy with so many online options that are more affordable than those pretty but fairly useless counter top compost bins that are full after just one day. You can easily use a simple recycled container such as an ice cream container. More on this later!

Set Priorities and Plan

Once you have done your research and how you want homesteading to complement your life it will ignite a spark inside of you on wanting to get started as soon as possible, but you need to set your priorities first!

When setting up more complex homesteading projects such as chicken coops etc. you may want to plan your first year out. By looking ahead and planning your projects out it can help you move from dream to reality.

Happy homesteading!