Compost & Worm Farms

Compost & Worm Farm

Did you know that almost 40% of our waste is green waste?! Crazy yes! Can we do something amazing with it? Yes!

So why should we compost?

  • Reduces our impact on green house gases
  • Soil improvement
  • Saves you money

Composting is an amazing way to reduce our waste but if you are unable to compost then you can put your organic waste in the green bin and help reduce landfill. For those that can compost and start worm farming, things just got exciting!

Getting started is easy!

Simply reuse a recycled container or large bowl when collecting your daily food scraps. Please don’t waste your money on those pretty counter top compost bin! They are too small to be functional and then you will end up spending more money on bin liners, as if you need bin liners for something you are about to compost even if they are compostable, just throw your money out the window now. Sounds like we are making more waste than less here? Did you know that money spent on those pretty but hopeless items can buy you a decent sized worm farm? Brilliant!

All that organic waste you are now generating is gobbled up by the worms and turned into black gold! Your garden and plants will love the nutrients that help maintain soil fertility.

Do’s and Don’ts

Do fill your compost with food scraps, coffee grounds, used tea bags, grass clippings, dried leaves.

Turn and mix your compost once a week to circulate air through the pile. This distributes the matter regularly and keeps the environment happy by oxygenating it.

If you are using a worm farm remember worms need water! Depending on the size of your farm, always check the manufacturers recommendations, ours is 4 litres a week and also, they need to be kept warm in the winter months. An old towel will do the trick or hessian bag.

Don’t include meat and bone products, fats and oils.

It’s a great idea to research on the complete list of composting for worm farms, apparently worms don’t like onions!

Now to use it!

When your compost has turned into black and crumbly soil it is ready to use! Yippy for your garden! For worm farm’s simple use your tap to unleash that black gold into a watering can ready for you garden.

Pro tips:

Add  ready compost to your garden soil at the beginning of the gardening season.

Use a few cups of compost into your potting soil before planting your plants, this will boost their growth with the additional nutrients.

In our household we now make it a family affair to take out the daily compost to our worm farm, and the kids love it! On Toni’s farm most of the leftover food/scrapes go to the chooks or Archie the dog, nothing goes to waste there!